Donations are a vital source of revenue for us

We really appreciate all you’ve done — or plan to do — to help the people we serve and support NEST!

Please note, we can accept cash, credit cards and cheques made out to ‘Northland Emergency Services Trust’. NEST does not accept and cannot receipt non-monetary gifts, such as any type of service.

Register your fundraiser

Here’s a few fundraising ideas to get you started

At work

Create a new product or rebrand a current product (in conjunction with us!) donating a portion of the profit to NEST.

At work

Launch a payroll-donation employee giving program or formalise Casual Friday – pay $10 to wear jeans, jandals or t-shirts to work.

At work

Send a fundraising email to your customers.

At home

Host a dinner party, afternoon tea, or you could even have a cook off.

At home

Organise a poker game, golf or bowling tournament.

At home

Use your creative talents to sell art or music

Special anniversaries

Collect donations in lieu of gifts for your birthday, graduation, or anniversary.

With the kids

Help your school organise a talent show, movie night, bake sale or sporting event.

With the kids

Run a lemonade stand, car wash, sausage sizzle or holiday program.

Frequently asked questions about fundraisers

What kind of fundraiser can I do?

We understand that choosing the right kind of fundraiser for your cause can be daunting. Here’s a few questions to consider as you begin planning:

  • Who do I want to ask to support my effort, and what interests do they have?
  • Who do I know who can help me fundraise and spread the word?
  • What kind of campaign or event will my community respond best to?
  • Do I have the time and resources to pull this effort off?
  • Are there people or organisations in my community who might like to partner?

How do I promote my fundraiser?

Information about us

We want to make this part easy for you! Below is material to help you promote your efforts, including a fact sheet, talking points, a media kit and quality photos.

Our logosPostersInformation bookletFact sheet
Physical material and signage

Request the materials below by emailing NEST. Pick-up and drop-off is responsibility of fundraiser

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Table cloths
  • PowerPoint photo slideshow
Email us
Sample materials

We want to help you tell people about your event! Use these materials as a guide to help craft your personal approach.

Invitation to attend eventSample press releasePress and Outreach kitThank you to event attendessPitch and storytelling
Speaker requests

If you would like a NEST representative to attend your event, please complete this form. Please keep in mind that we generally need five or more working days to successfully arrange a visit. We want to help you articulate what you support and why.

Speaker request form

What do I do with donations from an event?

Methods to collect
  • Have donors complete donation slips, which you can download here, and let them know that credit cards are processed securely in our offices. Please track completed donation slips in the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file).
  • Set up a laptop or iPad at the event which has access to internet. Save the NEST Donate page and be sure you have access to wireless Internet! Please do NOT go online to make others’ credit card donations yourself.
Donation slipFundraising tracking form - excelFundraising tracking form - PDF
Keeping donations secure
  • Keep donation slips private and secure during the event, just as you would with cash. If using a bucket or box, keep an eye on your collection point for safety.
  • Take care when traveling with donations after your event. Try not to advertise that you are carrying cash!
  • Please do not mail cash – drop it off to us instead.
Submitting donations
  • Please always submit the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file) completed with your first and last name or the name of your organisation.
  • Make sure the total is equal to the amount you submit to NEST. Donations submitted without a full name and address are “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt. Mail donation slips, and the fundraising tracking form to: Northland Emergency Services Trust, PO Box 8011, Kensington, Whangarei 0145
  • Visit us if you’re in the Whangarei area. Contact us to make an appointment to drop off donations at the NEST office.
Acknowledging your donors
  • Monetary donations to NEST are tax-deductible, and we mail tax receipts directly to donors using their contact information from the fundraising tracking form and the donation slips you submit.
  • Donations NEST receives without a full name and address will be considered “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt.
  • If only a portion of the amount you raise will be donated (ie: “a $75 dinner reservation of which $50 will be donated”), donors must be informed in advance that their tax receipt will only reflect the amount NEST receives.
  • Be sure to thank your donors for their generous contributions and let them know the grand total raised. You can find message examples on the materials and messages page.

Are there any rules for fundraising?

These guidelines must be followed if you wish to use the NEST name and logo; to assure that NEST is not legally responsible for these community events; and to ensure that these events are produced in a manner that supports our reputation.

A fundraising event or appeal can be defined as any fundraising initiative by an individual, group, or business unaffiliated with NEST.

  1. Events or appeals that conflict in any way with our mission or other program priorities will not be approved.
  2. Organisers must secure their own necessary insurance and permits.
  3. If alcohol will be served at your event, you must comply with your region’s applicable laws.
  4. Laws regarding events or appeals that involve gambling differ from regions. It is the Organiser’s responsibility to ensure that the event complies with regional laws. Tickets purchased for gambling activities are not tax deductible.
  5. All community events to benefit NEST must follow all applicable laws and fundraising policies including laws regarding tax deductions. Not all participants qualify for a tax deduction. Please contact a tax professional or attorney for more information.
  6. Vending agreements and cause marketing must display signage that clearly states what percentage (or amount) of the sales price will be donated to NEST. Cause marketing is the sale of products or services that state or imply that NEST will benefit from a consumer sale or transaction. The wording of cause marketing signage and promotion materials must be approved in advance by NEST, and must include; the portion of the purchase price that will benefit NEST; the duration of the campaign; any maximum or guaranteed minimum contribution amount. NEST will not sign an exclusive agreement with a single vendor/donor.
  7. NEST cannot guarantee representatives’ attendance at events.
  8. NEST generally does not approve promotions in which our representatives sell goods. Any exceptions must be explicitly pre-approved.
  9. Fundraising groups must use our logo in a way that promotes our positive image, and must not display the logo without our prior approval. Organizers must submit a draft of any promotional material (i.e., poster, t-shirt, flyer) to NEST.
  10. All events should have a financial goal.
  11. NEST will not reimburse expenses incurred in the production of the event.
  12. NEST does not release to third parties the names, addresses, or phone numbers of NEST donors or prospects.
  13. Organisers must have a definite plan when collecting donations at the event. To ensure that donors receive receipts for their donations, complete and submit the Fundraising Tracking Form to NEST. Remember to be very clear about how funds will be generated for NEST before and during the event, i.e., “$10 of every ticket sold will be donated to NEST”.

Ready to get started?

Tell us about your fundraiser campaign so we can then put a message out to the community through Facebook and our website to help promote your fundraiser. Once you are set up, start spreading the word!

How to spread the word…

Use social media

Share a link to your Facebook page so friends can contribute and post updates as you get closer to your campaign goal. And let us know about your fundraiser so we can share it on our Facebook page too.

Email, email, email!

Select a list of recipients to email, asking them to contribute to your campaign. Target emails to people who typically don’t see your social media activity. Change your email signature to link to your Facebook page.

Say why you care

Tell your community why you care about the Northland Rescue Helicopters. Share your personal story and communicate your passion. Remember: inspiration inspires.

Be a donator too!

If you are asking other people to support your fundraising efforts, why not show them just how much you care by donating yourself? It provides legitimacy to your efforts and communicates your ambition.