Northland Emergency Services Trust

Saving lives in Northland since 1988

Over 28,000 passengers to date

We've been there to carry people to safety when they need us most.

Supporting Northland since 1988

Our choppers operate as the Northland Emergency Services Trust (NEST).

We’re there for anyone that needs us

Whether you're a local, a Kiwi holidaying in the region, we're there for you if you need us.

 A non-profit registered charity

We’re funded by local sponsors, individuals, families, businesses and organisations.

We’ve been caring for Northland for over three decades

In that time we’ve carried over 28,000 people to safety. Whether they’ve been locals, other Kiwis holidaying in the area or overseas visitors to our beautiful region – we answer the call for help when we’re needed.

There when you need us

We operate thanks to the support of people like you

We’re a non-profit registered charity, owned by the Northland community. We’re funded by local sponsors, individuals, families, businesses and organisations.

Donations are a vital source of revenue for us

We need your fundraising support

While donations equate to approximately 5% of our revenue, this percentage is essential for our operations. Without these contributions, we would be short of funds and unable to operate at our current level. We have managed to stay community-owned and supported for the last 25 years, and your continued support helps it stay this way.

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Essential services for the region

We know about Northland’s unsealed roads, our changeable weather and the fact that our people live over a wide-spread area that’s often difficult to access quickly by road. We’re also aware of the increased risk of death and serious injury caused when medical treatment is delayed – all of which makes Northland’s Rescue Helicopter service so essential.

Northland has a number of unsealed roads

And traversing the rough unsealed roads can sometimes lead to road accidents in our region requiring the chopper's assistance.

Our changeable weather can cause sticky situations

From sudden downpours making slippery roads or slips in the hills, the changeable weather here can sometimes catch people offguard.

Our communities live over a wide-spread area

That means accessing them by road can sometimes be difficult -- and a helicopter can get there more easily and quickly than a road ambulance.

Lars ChristensenWhangarei

I truly believe that it was through the doctors care at both hospitals, and also the speed in which I was able to be transported to Auckland, that saved my life.

Shane Hunt

The pure speed that the rescue helicopter could offer me, to get me to help without ensuring more pain – it was amazing. The sights those pilots and paramedics must see, what amazing people to face that each day. I was a hell of a mess and they were just so professional.

Graham BelbenKerikeri

You never know when you are going to need it. I have been on the scene at crashes before and assisted the helicopter when they arrived, but this was so different being the one that needed help. I can’t speak highly enough of them, I really can’t. They helped save my life as I know it, I really believe that.

Christopher ByrnePaihia

Those rescue helicopters really do save lives. When time is of the essence, they make it anywhere quicker. Time can be so crucial and they make all the difference. I make sure I donate now – it is the least I can do. I more than appreciate the job that they do for us and donating money to them is the least I can do to say thank you. I am forever grateful.

Renee HenareCable Bay

In all honesty, if it wasn’t for the Northland Rescue Helicopter that day and getting us to Whangarei so quickly, I think my baby would not have made it. I don’t think she would be here with me now.

We are proudly supported by a number of sponsors

NEST would also like to acknowledge the financial support provided by the people of Northland, without whose ongoing support we would be unable to maintain this valuable service.