The NEST rescue helicopters are crewed on every mission by either one or two members of a full-time team of St John Flight Intensive Care Paramedics.

The team are highly experienced pre-hospital emergency clinicians and provide the medical care and treatment to all sick and injured patients transported. They also serve as the winch operators and winch-men for all our search and rescue operations.


Ongoing training and education is part of the job. The team regularly partake in clinical review meetings, often with guest physicians, as well as attending medical conferences both nationally and internationally to observe the latest research and developments in pre-hospital emergency care. Notable components of the clinical care provided by the team include:

  • Thrombolysis drug treatment for heart attack patients.
  • The use of portable ultrasound as a diagnostic aid during the assessment of critically ill patients.
  • Rapid Sequence Induction (RSI) for intubation.

In addition, team members are required to conduct monthly pool and open water swim training, simulator and live winch training, as well as land and water-based fitness testing every six months. They are also required to undergo Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET) re-certification every two years.


  • Providing Advanced Life Support (ALS) assistance to ambulance crews with time critical patients in remote locations.
  • Deploying in a first-response capacity to remote emergency calls where ambulance access may be limited or delayed.
  • Land and sea search and rescue (SAR) including winch rescue operations.


  • Category 1: The Flight Intensive Care Paramedic assists Intensive Care Unit (ICU) doctors and nurses with the inter-hospital transfer of ICU patients.
  • Category 2: The Flight Intensive Care Paramedic is the primary clinician providing on-going treatment and care to all other critically ill patients requiring inter-hospital transfer.



Suzanne Galloway

Flight Medic, Winch Medic, Rescue Swimmer

Scott Mears

Flight Medic, Winch Operator, Winch Medic

Paul Davis

Flight Medic, Winch Operator, Winch Medic, Rescue Swimmer

Andrew Fergusson

Flight Medic, Winch Medic, Rescue Swimmer

Mark Going

Flight Medic, Winch Operator

Phil Davis-Goff

Flight Medic, Winch Operator, Winch Medic, Rescue Swimmer