Providing Northland people with an excellent, safe, effective and efficient air-ambulance retrieval service

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Caring for Northland since 1988

Fast Facts about NEST

            • NEST is a non-profit registered charity. The Northland community are the proud owners of NEST.
          • The Board of Trustees comprises various representatives from the Northland community.
          • All NEST helicopters are secure, high-speed vessels that have the capability to fly up to 724 kilometres in a single trip.
          • One third of operations are at night. Night vision goggles allow pilots to see clearly during these rescues.
          • All S-76 flights are operated with two pilots. This coupled with IFR (instrument flight rated) capability enables them to fly safely, even in extreme conditions.
          • Winches are equipped in two of the S-76’s which provide additional rescue options to pilots.
          • Dedicated, specialised ambulance and hospital crews maintain the highest standards of patient care and adhere to best practice intensive care guidelines.
          • Pilots and flight crews receive ongoing training in all of their areas of responsibility, including extensive flight simulator safety training.
          • NEST has carried more than 17,000 patients to date.

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