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Back our 2017 annual appeal

Once a year, every year we ask the public to get behind the helicopters and give as generously as they can as our two major sponsors, Northpower and Top Energy will match the money raised dollar for dollar.

Now, more than any other time in the services’ history, Northland’s Rescue Helicopters need help in the form of public donations. After saving many thousands of lives and completing more than 19,000 flights since 1988, the Northland air ambulance operation continues to be one of the busiest in New Zealand, over some of the country’s most rugged terrain.

The two-month long appeal remains critical to funding the hundreds of life saving flights for Northlanders and visitors to the region every year.

The consumer owned Northland electricity lines companies have supported the service since its inception in 1988 and have helped it raise millions of dollars since. Northland’s Rescue Helicopter annual fundraising appeal has an ultimate target of well over $200,000.

Northpower Public Affairs Manager Steve Macmillan says the 2016 campaign focuses on many of the parts of our community where the Northland Rescue Helicopters are so critical – forestry, farming, children, water-sports and our Northland roads.

“This service is crucial to Northland and we can all make a difference by donating what we can. The consistent theme we hear from those who have been rescued is that they never thought it would be them in need. This appeal is a great opportunity to help others out in our community.”

Rescue flight recipient Gillian Archer says the service is a must for the rugged Northland region, and one that the region could not go without. “It is the most amazing service, so professional. The pilots and crew operate it as a well-oiled machine that helps in any situation,” she says.

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