Heading Down To Pouto Point

Steven and two good mates headed down to Pouto Point to join a large group of riders for a play on their sport quads. As always the 3 of them were all outfitted with complete safety gear. Boots, kidney belts, riding pants, gloves, goggles and helmets. Steven was also wearing new body armour.
The plan was a day at the beach and a cruisey ride with his mates for Steven’s birthday. However the day had hardly started when an hour and a half into the ride Steven came up over the top of a sand dune with his friends right behind him when just at the wrong time he glanced to the side for a second and when he looked back it was too late to stop. There was no back to the dune they had just come up so first in the line, Steven and his bike plummeted 15 metres to the sand below. His sudden disappearance was the only warning his friends had in order for them to stop before following into the unseen drop ahead.

Steven’s friends were equipt to provide first aid and arrange for the Northland Emergency Services Trust helicopter to come to his aid. Thankfully also playing at the beach that day was a four wheel drive club who were able to provide a focal point with the masses of vehicles and help transport him to the helicopter once it had landed.

The bike hit the sand nose first with enough impact to flatten an edge into the quads rims. His head hit the ground with enough force to smash his helmet. With that in mind, Steven was lucky to get away with a perforated bowel, broken leg, concussion and other cuts and bruises. After two weeks in hospital he is still recovering at home and hopes to be walking by Christmas.

Steven would like to thank everyone who was there to help him and urges the Northland community to dig deep and donate any amount they can to NEST as they provide such an amazing link between the field and the hospital. Accidents like this only happen to other people, but one day that other person may be you.