Donations are a vital source of revenue for us

While donations equate to approximately 5% of our revenue, this percentage is essential for our operations.  Without these contributions, we would be short of funds and unable to operate at our current level. We have managed to stay community-owned and supported for the last 25 years, and your continued support helps it stay this way.

We really appreciate all you’ve done — or plan to do — to help the people we serve and support NEST! Please note, we can accept cash, credit cards and cheques made out to ‘Northland Emergency Services Trust’. NEST does not accept and cannot receipt non-monetary gifts, such as any type of service.


These are just some of the ideas you can use for planning a fundraising event! You’ll know best what works for your particular community.

For Business Owners

Create a new product or rebrand a current product (in conjunction with NEST) donating a portion of the profit to NEST, launch a payroll-donation employee giving program, send a fundraising email to your customers, formalise Casual Friday – pay $10 to wear jeans, jandals or t-shirts to work.

In your home

Host a dinner party, afternoon tea, cook off, book club or male beauty contest.
Organise a poker game, golf or bowling tournament. Sell art or music.

Get Your Kids Involved

Help your school organise a talent show, movie night, bake sale or sporting event and offer the proceeds to NEST. Run a lemonade stand, car wash, sausage sizzle or holiday program.

Special Life Events

Collect donations for NEST in lieu of gifts for your birthday, graduation, anniversary, wedding, baby shower or retirement.

We do our best to raise funds and awareness, but we rely on people like you to help us spread the word about the dedicated emergency rescue helicopter service we provide for the people of Northland.

You can have a tremendous impact on people in need. With help from you and your community, we can reach even more men, women and children in need of assistance.

We understand that choosing the right kind of fundraiser for your cause can be daunting. Fortunately, we compiled a whole list of fundraising ideas!

A few questions to consider as you begin planning:

  • Who do I want to ask to support my effort, and what interests do they have?
  • Who do I know who can help me fundraise and spread the word?
  • What kind of campaign or event will my community respond best to?
  • Do I have the time and resources to pull this effort off?
  • Are there people or organisations in my community who might like to partner?

We want to make this part easy for you! Take a look at our fundraising tips for helpful ideas on spreading the word about your campaign and asking for support.

NEST also has material to help you promote your efforts, including a fact sheet, talking points, a media kit and quality photos. You can find these materials on our fundraising registration page.

We’ve laid out instructions to help simplify the process of collecting and submitting donations to NEST on our Fundraising Registration page.

Just a few! NEST is committed to helping you succeed while also meeting industry standards and allocating our resources efficiently. Please read our fundraising guidelines to learn more.

Thank you so much for fundraising for NEST! Your next step will be to tell us about your fundraiser campaign. We can then put a message out to the community through Facebook and our website to help promote your fundraiser. Once you are set up, start spreading the word!


Use social media

Share a link to your Facebook page so friends can contribute and post updates as you get closer to your campaign goal. And let us know about your fundraiser so we can share it on our Facebook page too.

Email, email, email!

Select a list of recipients to email, asking them to contribute to your campaign. Target emails to people who typically don’t see your social media activity. Change your email signature to link to your Facebook page.

Say why you care

Tell your community why you care about the Northland Rescue Helicopters. Share your personal story and communicate your passion. Remember: inspiration inspires.

Be a donator too!

If you are asking other people to support your fundraising efforts, why not show them just how much you care by donating yourself? It provides legitimacy to your efforts and communicates your ambition.