We'd love to know about your plans

Fundraising registerBy telling us about your fundraiser in advance we can help spread the word through our channels, such as on this website or on our Facebook Page too.

And we’d like to support you in any way we can. We have materials available for your use in your fundraising event. These include banners and donation buckets as well as sample emails and letters you can use. Please let us know if you have any questions at all and make sure you’ve read our guidelines below to ensure it meets our requirements.


These are materials which can help you talk about our programs, fundraise at events and online and collect donations.

Request the materials below by emailing NEST. Pick-up and drop-off is responsibility of fundraiser

  • Flags
  • Banners
  • Table cloths
  • PowerPoint photo slideshow

We want to help you tell people about your event! Use these materials as a guide to help craft your personal approach.

If you would like a NEST representative to attend your event, please complete this form. Please keep in mind that we generally need five or more working days to successfully arrange a visit. We want to help you articulate what you support and why.


  • Have donors complete donation slips, which you can download here, and let them know that credit cards are processed securely in our offices. Please track completed donation slips in the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file).
  • Set up a laptop or iPad at the event which has access to internet. Save the NEST Donate page and be sure you have access to wireless Internet! Please do NOT go online to make others’ credit card donations yourself.

Keep donation slips private and secure during the event, just as you would cheques or cash. If using a bucket or box, keep an eye on your collection point for safety.

Take care when traveling with donations after your event. Try not to advertise that you are carrying cash!

Please do not mail cash – drop it off to us instead.

Please always submit the fundraising tracking form (PDF or Excel file) completed with your first and last name or the name of your organisation. Make sure the total is equal to the amount you submit to NEST. Donations submitted without a full name and address are “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt.

Mail cheques (made out to ‘Northland Emergency Services Trust’), donation slips, and the fundraising tracking form to:

Northland Emergency Services Trust
PO Box 8011
Whangarei 0145

Visit us if you’re in the Whangarei area. Contact us to make an appointment to drop off donations at the NEST office.

Monetary donations to NEST are tax-deductible, and we mail tax receipts directly to donors using their contact information from the fundraising tracking form and the donation slips you submit.

Donations NEST receives without a full name and address will be considered “anonymous” and the donor will not receive a receipt.

If only a portion of the amount you raise will be donated (ie: “a $75 dinner reservation of which $50 will be donated”), donors must be informed in advance that their tax receipt will only reflect the amount NEST receives.

Be sure to thank your donors for their generous contributions and let them know the grand total raised. You can find message examples on the materials and messages page.


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